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Special Events
Thursday, January 29th at 6:30pm
The Primus!
dim: The Party Deck
Sunday, Feb 1st at 1pm
Clinic rp
Monday, Feb 9th at 6pm
Science Symposium
Recurring Events



The Noble Badger


 Tiga Falls Casino Night, 6pm
Rustic Inn
Performance at 7:30 alternate Wednesdays 





Born on the Vaiyuu
 5pm, alternating with the Templars


 Absolom Asylum,  6pm - link     



Alternating Sundays, Vigil blessings by Natil, 6-8pm. Temple of Mariel-Taun dim by Viscol
(will resume Feb. 15th)
 Cosmic Wino Bar and Fight Club


Thank you to everyone who participated in the shardwide story arc and made it fun and successful! It was great to have rp'ers from all over interacting and meeting people they may not have otherwise met, and to see the character development that occurred from the campaign. Until next time, I'll catch you all on Telara! Happy Gaming!

(If anyone has an idea for future shardwide arcs, or needs help/players with personal or guild arcs, please send me an enjin mail!)

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New polls up!
Sure Yanaba, in game whisper Rivvka or send a mail to me.
I have some questions for you if I can please :sick:
Hey Margot was interested in getting in touchwith you in game I'm a previous Kalavorn member and now rp officer in another guild
Thanks Jaded! Azhadin built it, he worked very hard on it and it took a long time. We love it too!