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Below are the Events planned for the week of 7/28/14-8/3/14

Special Events

Monday (7/28)
Special Tavern Night, The Queen's Legs, 6pm

Tuesday (7/29)

Wednesday (7/30)
Gambling night at Lantern Hook, 7:30

Thursday (7/31)  

Friday (8/1)

Saturday (8/2)


Sunday (8/3)

Recurring Events



FBU Tavern Nights- The Noble Badger


FBU Tavern Nights-  Azure Harbor, 530-8pm

FBU Tavern Nights-  Alternates between Rustic Inn Performance at 8:30, and Destiny's Call Show and Formal Dinner, 7:30pm. (no show this week).



link Primus! Dueling and rp, 6:30pm, Droughtlands. *Please note the changes this week*


FBU Tavern Nights- The Broken Lance (Templar Jousting Arena) 6pm 


The Wanderon Rose, Varied locations, please see link. Wanderon Rose Locations


FBU Tavern Nights-  The Cosmic Wino bar and fight club, 6pm

Thank you to everyone who participated in the shardwide story arc and made it fun and successful! It was great to have rp'ers from all over interacting and meeting people they may not have otherwise met, and to see the character development that occurred from the campaign. Until next time, I'll catch you all on Telara! Happy Gaming!

(If anyone has an idea for future shardwide arcs, or needs help/players with personal or guild arcs, please send me an enjin mail!)

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Welcome newcomers!! So good to see returning players! :d Enjoy the community!
Another newcomer here! Been on and off RIFT since launch but just recently joined Faeblight :)
Newcomer here as well! Was away from Rift since 2011, just returned over the weekend.
Welcome Ava
Hey there! Just joined Rift and this community. ^^ Hope to have lots of RP fun.
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